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What makes a great villain? for lokidhiddlestoner

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But what makes a great villain?

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I don’t think anyone is questioning who’s in charge after this, Thomas William.

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Coriolanus having enough of your shit.

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me too, hadley

I’ve always loved the way Tom looks up at Hadley, because that kiss wasn’t scripted. He did it in neither of the performances I saw. 

In the second performance I saw, though, he dragged his bearded chin all the way up Tom’s face, from his chin to his forehead.

Holy shit.

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Can we talk about the fact that proud, arrogant Martius, who refuses to “trouble the poor with begging” for his seat as consul, voluntarily goes to his knees before Aufidius?

And about the way he only half-raises his hand to ward off what he must expect to be a blow—when we’ve already seen that he can wrestle Aufidius into submission with relative ease—like it’s reflex, like he’s not really even trying to save himself?

And then when it’s not a blow but an embrace instead, that look of uncomprehension and then dawning hope…

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Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → Campy Chris

And Nat Portman looking reeeally, really awkward in the background.

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