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I actually just looked this up and found out some interesting things.

Young MacGuffin speaks in a North East Doric dialect which obviously is hard to understand. Originally he was going to just speak gibberish but his voice actor, Kevin McKidd, suggested he try a few lines in Doric and Pixar loved it and kept it. Found a couple translations too, but only one of them applies to this gif set and that’s the third one after Merida gave her speech about letting them choose who they marry:

It’s just not fair making us fight for the hand of a girl who doesn’t want anything to do with it. You know?

Performers who do their research make me incredibly happy and my respect for them increases.

aww, he’s concerned about Merida not wanting to go through with it


she can be the fiery warrior queen and he’ll be the gentle giant king who takes care of the children and runs the castle

and Merida will translate

In a scene that was later cut, Merida showed interest in him but was disappointed that she couldn’t understand him. I totally few-years-later ship them.

Oh goddamnit now I ship them too. 

The first thing he says is “If he were a wee bit closer, I could lob a caber at him, ken?” Basically, he could spit on old Dingwall.

Kevin McKidd’s gradmother speaks with a North East Doric dialect, which is why he knows it. He was incorporating something he picked up from his grandmother in the film.


Pixar Movies as Infographics [vulture/via]



Monsters University (2013)
To be released this June with the very anticipated Pixar short, The Blue Umbrella, it is directed by Dan Scanlon, tells Sully’s and Mike’s story of when they went to College.

The Good Dinosaur (2014)
Directed by Bob Peterson, it tells how dinosaurs would really behave in a world where they never went extinct. 

The Inside Out (2015)
A film about the inside of girl’s mind, directed by Up’s Pete Docter.

Dia de los Muertos (2016)
 Toy Story 3’s director and producer Lee Unkrich and Darla K Anderson will be directing this film situated in Mexico, referring to the popular mexican tradition of this holiday.

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