Reasons Why Donna Noble Was Awesome

Remember when Donna was all sassy and put the Doctor in his place. And made sure the Doctor knew he wasn’t better than her. In their second episode together. Yeah.

This is why she was my favourite companion.

Haven’t had any good Donna Appreciation up here in a while.

That last one though. She’s not just disagreeing with him - she’s disagreeing with him PUBLICLY, and refusing to be silenced. It is one of the hardest things, when an authority figure you have grown to like and respect tells you to be quiet, to steel yourself and continue to speak, and she just goes ahead and does it.

You’re awesome, Donna.


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“Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation!”


Russell Mulchay: Watch Dylan at the end of this shot. Because I didn’t have time to turn the camera round and get his reaction to his father walking away, watch what he does.
Jeff Davis: I love that.
Russell Mulchay: By doing that, he shows what’s going on. I told him, ‘listen, I don’t have time to come around and get your close up’ and he worked out a away of doing it.

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