More brilliant Peaky Blinders series 2 stills, these with cast mates Charlotte Riley, Helen McCrory, Joe Cole and Paul Anderson. And that gorgeous car! These are large, click to view full size. And check out the new trailer here.



Arrow, The Complete Second Season DVD Release:

Sara & Felicity Deleted Scene.

because you’re irreplaceable, felicity.

martha + songs

Danny Pink I was a soldier. There were other soldiers and some of them weren’t on our side - I shall leave it to your imagination.


These are a few of my favourite things (◡‿◡✿) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I look around at us, you know what I see? Losers. I mean, like, folks who have lost stuff. And we have, man, we have! All of us! Our homes, our families, normal lives. And usually life takes more than it gives, but not today. Today it’s given us somethin’. It has given us a chance. To give a shit. For once, not run away.


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Join me again next week on ‘Let’s Make No Fucking Sense’ when I will be waxing an owl.”

Season 2 DVD release :

Team Arrow in season 2: Felicity smoak